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Emptying a Loved One’s Home After They Pass

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(PALM BEACH, FL – May 11, 2020) Silver Solutions, a company specializing in helping older adults and their families live safer, less stressful lives wherever they call home, today released a new downloadable infographic entitled “What to do with Mom’s Home after she passes” for posting or sharing. For more than a decade, the company has been helping families in the metropolitan areas of New York City, Chicago and most recently South Florida, make growing older easier and less stressful through senior safe living home improvements, relocation to assisted to living and dissolving a family’s home after the loss of a loved one.

With the increase in COVID-19 deaths in recent weeks, the company’s Nothing Forgotten arm in New York City has been hard at work helping families that have suffered the loss of a loved one, by providing compassionate, professional help cleaning and emptying family homes and apartments. For Silver Solutions, the inspiration for the creation of this infographic, was to provide families impacted by the pandemic with a simple guide outlining the most immediate priorities for the home while also honoring the legacy of their loved ones.

“These are unprecedented times in every way and Silver Solutions work helping families has never beenmore important and urgent. Among the biggest changes we’re seeing due to this pandemic are families seeking our help within the first 30 days after the loss of a loved one instead of the usual 60-90 days, especially where it involves a rental apartment or assisted living community” notes Dan Lagani, Silver Solutions Co-Founder and CEO. “Our work with seniors and their families over the past decade has help us create a professional and compassionate process that makes it easier for families to ready the home for sale while carefully curating all that made their loved one so special”, says Laura Olivares, Silver Solutions President and Co-Founder.

If you need help with honoring, sorting, distributing, donating, recycling and more related to the emptying of a family home, Silver Solutions just takes a click or call (877) AGE-SAFE for a virtual or in-home assessment.

Founded as Nothing Forgotten, Silver Solutions has been making growing older easier and less stressful for adults and their families for more than a decade in New York, Chicago and Florida. The business specializes in 3 areas: senior home safety improvements, downsizing/relocation and the dissolution of homes after the relocation or loss of a loved one. It is led by co-founders, Dan Lagani and Laura Olivares who are combining their expertise in communications, senior advocacy, organizing, home and health to make a difference in the lives of older adults: https://silversolutions.com/


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