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We are the senior-focused home service that works like a family for all of Mom & Dad's needs as they age - from keeping them safely in their home, to managing their downsizing or relocation to assisted living, to emptying the home and distributing the family's treasures and important documents.

Call 1-877-AGE-SAFE to find out more and to schedule a FREE virtual home assessment.


–Scott G., ComForCare, Palm Beach, FL

There are very few companies that do what Silver Solutions does - and NONE are as expert 

–Gene B., LA

My aunt’s health is better and we’re at peace knowing that she’s safe at home. We couldn’t have done it alone.

–Diana K., Atria 86 NYC

Clients always feel a sense of relief after their team handles a move-in.

–Steve F., Esq. Estate Lawyer

...scrupulously honest, clear in their pricing and can work as quickly as needed.