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At Silver Solutions, we know that some of life’s richest moments come with age. We also know that growing older brings physical changes that can require: senior safe living home improvements, a downsizing or relocation, and the dissolution of a longtime family home. For over a decade, we’ve helped make that process easier and more satisfying for our clients and their families. Whatever your needs, Silver Solutions experts are here to help make certain that you don’t have to face life’s journey alone.


–Dolores R., NYC

I want to express my appreciation for the truly caring professionalism each and every one of your staff brought to my move.

–Gene B., LA

My aunt’s health is better and we’re at peace knowing that she’s safe at home. We couldn’t have done it alone.

–D. Kusko, Atria 86 NYC

Clients always feel a sense of relief after their team handles a move-in.

–S. Fleischer, Esq. Estate Lawyer

...scrupulously honest, clear in their pricing and can work as quickly as needed.