Our Leadership

Laura Olivares, Co-Founder & President

A professional organizer by training, Laura's life changed forever after the tragic, premature death of her brother, Anthony. Facing the dissolution of Anthony’s apartment alone from thousands of miles away, she was inspired to create Nothing Forgotten—a company whose mission was to ensure that no one would have to go through this process alone. Shortly after launch, Nothing Forgotten became exclusively focused on serving older adults and families, resulting in helping thousands of families in New York, Chicago, Florida, and California.

Today at Silver Solutions, she’s thrilled to be expanding her promise to make the aging process simpler and less stressful for families across America.


Dan Lagani, Co-Founder & CEO

Dan’s journey to co-founding SilverSolutions had many stops along the way—all with one powerful theme: changing people’s lives for the better. During his time as Publisher of Better Homes and Gardens, he indulged his passion for family and home improvement. As President of Reader’s Digest, North America, he became focused on healthcare and worked with Humana to create a new line of seniors’ insurance. And as President of Conde Nast/Fairchild, Glam Media and Diply, he experienced the transformative power of digital and social media first-hand.

Today at Silver Solutions, he’s combining his life experiences to help make growing older simpler and less stressful for families across America.